Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 2000

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 2000. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.145, October 2000 (PostScript)
Christoph Scholl, Bernd Becker:
Checking Equivalence for Partial Implementations
Keywords: Equivalence Check, Partial Implementations, Verification, Symbolic Methods

Report No.144, October 2000 (PostScript)
Wolfgang Guenther:
Speeding up Dynamic Minimization of Linearly Transformed BDDs
Keywords: Binary Decision Diagrams, Linear Transformations, Minimization, Lower Bounds

Report No.143, October 2000 (PostScript)
Pedro Jose Marron, Georg Lausen:
Design and Applicability of a Transparent Network Redirection Layer
Keywords: Middleware, Caching, Internet Protocol, HTTP, LDAP

Report No.142, October 2000 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp:
Planning with Pattern Databases
Keywords: Planning, Search, Pattern, Data Bases

Report No.141, October 2000 (PostScript)
Christoph Scholl, Marc Herbstritt, Bernd Becker:
Exploiting don't cares to minimize *BMDs
Keywords: Formal Verification, Word-level Decision Diagrams, Don't Cares, *BMD, *BMD Minimization

Report No.140, May 2000 (PostScript)
Luca Viganò:
An O(n log n)-Space Decision Procedure for the Relevance Logic B+ (Extended Version)
Keywords: Relevance Logics, Labelled Deduction, Computational Complexity

Report No.139, April 2000 (PostScript)
Marcel Wagner, Dietmar Saupe:
RD-Optimization of Hierarchical Structured Adaptive Vector Quantization for Video Coding
Keywords: adaptive vector quantization, video coding, rate distortion optimization

Report No.138, April 2000 (PostScript)
Martin Schmidt, Marcel Wagner:
Linear Prediction Coder -- Sprachkodierverfahren mit niedrigen Datenraten
Keywords: audio coding, CELP, LPC-10

Report No.137, April 2000 (PostScript)
Matthias O. Will:
Metadata and library mining: Analyzing the usage of a distributed electronic library
Keywords: library mining, Dublin Core, RDF, evaluation

Report No.136, March 2000 (PostScript)
W. May, G. Lausen:
Information Extraction from the Web
Keywords: information extraction, information integration, deductive databases, F-Logic

Report No.135, March 2000 (PostScript)
Iztok Savnik, Peter A. Flach:
Discovery of multivalued dependencies from relations
Keywords: Attribute dependency, multivalued dependency, database reverse engineering, and data mining

Report No.134, March 2000 (PostScript)
Iztok Savnik, Georg Lausen, Hans-Peter Kahle, Heinrich Spiecker, Sebastian Hein:
Algorithm for Matching Sets of Time Series
Keywords: Data mining, knowledge discovery, time-series, matching, and pattern recognition

Report No.133, January 2000 (PostScript)
Joerg Hoffmann:
A Heuristic for Domain Independent Planning and its Use in an Enforced Hill-climbing Algorithm
Keywords: planning

Report No.132, January 2000 (PostScript)
Jana Koehler, Joerg Hoffmann:
On Reasonable and Forced Goal Orderings and their Use in an Incremental Planning Algorithm
Keywords: planning, goal orderings, domain analysis