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Technical Reports from 2011

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 2011. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the pdf version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report Nr.266, October 2011 (PDF)
Maja Temerinac-Ott, Olaf Ronneberger, Peter Ochs, Wolfgang Driever, Thomas Brox and Hans Burkhardt
Multiview Deblurring for 3-D Images from Light Sheet based Fluorescence Microscopy - Supporting Online Material
Keywords: Deblurring with spatially variant PSF, PSF estimation, Deconvolution, L1-regularization, 3D images, fluorescence microscopy, registration with irregularly placed point-markers, tomography

Report Nr.265, July 2011 (PDF)
Daniel Meyer-Delius, Maximilian Beinhofer, Wolfram Burgard :
Grid-Based Models for Dynamic Environments
Keywords: mapping, mobile robots

Report Nr.264, July 2011 (PDF)
Phillip Heidegger, Annette Bieniusa, Peter Thiemann :
Access permission contracts for scripting languages
Keywords: scripting languages, Javascript, heap monitoring, access permision, security

Report Nr.263, January 2011 (PDF)
Gissler, M.; Ihmsen, M.; Teschner, M. :
Efficient uniform grids for collision handling in medical simulators
Keywords: spatial data structure, collision detection, collision reponse, cell indexing, spatial hashing, cuckoo hashing