Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 263 - Abstract

Gissler, M.; Ihmsen, M.; Teschner, M. :
Efficient uniform grids for collision handling in medical simulators

We investigate spatial acceleration structures within collision handling in scenarios with "worst-case" spatial layout. These are scenarios where lots of collisions and interactions persist over large time intervals. We focus on acceleration structures based on uniform grids and assess their efficiency in construction, update and query. Z-curves as a technique for the mapping of spatial locality to uniform grids are analyzed to improve the cache-hit rate. Approximate solutions based on the grid representation are considered and discussed in the context of time-critical collision handling. The findings are applied to a deformable collision framework. Experiments are performed on scenarios that are typical for medical simulators. They often exhibit the "worst case" spatial layout mentioned above.

Report No. 263 (PDF)