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Technical Reports from 2009

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 2009. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.253, December 2009 (PostScript)
D. Sun, A. Kleiner, C. Schindelhauer:
Decentralized Hash Tables For Mobile Robot Teams Solving Intra-Logistics Tasks
Keywords: Distributed problem solving, Peer to peer coordination, Mobile agents, multi-robot systems, robot coordination

Report No.252, November 2009 (PostScript)
L.Y. Ma, M. Reisert, H. Burkhardt:
RENNSH: A Novel alpha-helices Identification Approach for Intermediate Resolution Cryo-EM Maps
Keywords: Structural bioinformatics, secondary structure identification, intermediate resolution cryo-EM maps, spherical harmonic descriptors, refined classification.

Report No.250, September 2009 (PostScript)
Stefan Wehr, Peter Thiemann:
On the Decidability of Subtyping with Bounded Existential Types
Keywords: JavaGI, Java, Type theory, Bounded existential types, Undecidability

Report No.249, July 2009 (PostScript)
Gian Diego Tipaldi, Kai O. Arras:
FLIRT -- Interest Regions for 2D Range Data
Keywords: mobile robots, feature extraction, range data

Report No.248, July 2009 (PostScript)
Stefan Wehr:
Formalizing CoreGI
Keywords: Java, JavaGI, Formalization, Type Soundness, Decidability

Report No.247, July 2009 (PostScript)
Stefan Wehr, Peter Thiemann:
JavaGI in the Battlefield: Practical Experience with Generalized Interfaces
Keywords: Java, JavaGI, implementation, case study, benchmarks