Technical Report No. 244 - Abstract

Christian Kretschmer, Stefan Ruehrup, Christian Schindelhauer
Delay-tolerant On-demand Routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Multihop routing is a cornerstone of communication in mobile ad hoc networks and intermittently connected networks. While ad hoc routing protocols target the connection establishment in a changing environment, communication in intermittently connected networks requires end-to-end delivery without established connections. We present DT-DYMO, a combination of ad hoc routing based on the established Dynamic MANET On-demand Routing protocol and mechanisms for in-network storage and node availability prediction. DT-DYMO uses a route discovery mechanism in order to find the destination or nodes which are likely to be able to deliver the message in the future. We present simulation results for highly mobile wireless networks with temporary network disconnection. The results show that the extensions in DT-DYMO can significantly increase the delivery rate in mobile scenarios and thus can overcome the limitations of traditional ad hoc routing, while providing faster delivery than forwarding schemes that rely only on node availability estimation.

Report No. 244 (PostScript)