Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 2005

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 2005. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.221, August 2005 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed:
Identifying Tabletop Corners with Angular- and Velocity-Type Trace-Features in Pen-Gestures
Keywords: Tabletop corner identification, pen-gestures, trace-features

Report No.220, July 2005 (PostScript)
Jussi Rintanen:
State-Space Traversal Techniques for Planning
Keywords: planning, state-space search

Report No.219, May 2005 (PostScript)
Alexander Kleiner, Michael Brenner, Tobias Braeuer, Christian Dornhege, Moritz Goebelbecker, Mathias Luber, Johann Prediger, Joerg Stueckler:
ResQ Freiburg: Team Description and Evaluation
Keywords: RoboCup, Multiagent Systems

Report No.218, April 2005 (PostScript)
Joerg Hoffmann, Sebastian Kupferschmid:
A Covering Problem for Hypercubes
Keywords: geometric reasoning, constraint satisfaction, satisfiability, search

Report No.217, March 2005 (PostScript)
Malte Helmert:
The Fast Downward Planning System
Keywords: planning, heuristics

Report No.216, January 2005 (PostScript)
Jussi Rintanen, Keijo Heljanko, Ilkka Niemela:
Planning as satisfiability: parallel plans and algorithms for plan search
Keywords: planning, satisfiability testing