Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 2004

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 2004. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.215, December 2004 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed:
Adaptable, Adaptive and Perceptual Concepts for UI-On-Demand-and-Within-Reach Configurations
Keywords: UI concepts, adaptable, adaptive, perceptual, digital ink, InkML, freehand writings

Report No.214, November 2004 (PostScript)
E. Abraham, B. Becker, F. Klaedtke, M. Steffen:
Optimizing Bounded Model Checking for Linear Hybrid Systems - Theory and Experimental Results
Keywords: verification, BMC, hybrid systems, SAT-solving, ICS

Report No.212, August 2004 (PostScript)
Matthias Neubauer, Peter Thiemann:
Protocol Specialization
Keywords: Concurrent Functional Programming, Types, Program Specialization

Report No.211, August 2004 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann:
Restructuring Data Constructs in Overlapping Digital Ink Domains for Agent-Oriented Approaches
Keywords: Agent oriented software engineering, digital ink, pen gestures, InkML, learning environments

Report No.210, August 2004 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed:
Investigating the Lead and Lag Times of Digital Freehands
Keywords: Digital ink, InkML, lead-lag time, freehand writings

Report No.209, August 2004 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann:
Ingrid, Geraldine and Amidala { Competent Agents for Pen Gestures Interactivity
Keywords: Digital pen gestures, InkML, interface agents, eLearning

Report No.208, August 2004 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann:
Autonomous Agents as Competent Assistants: Better Interpretation of Pen Gestures
Keywords: digital ink, autonomous agents, pen gestures

Report No.207, August 2004 (PostScript)
K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann:
Recognising sketch objects as gestures via autonomous agents
Keywords: digital ink, pen gestures

Report No.206, July 2004 (PostScript)
Marc Herbstritt, Thomas Kmieciak, Bernd Becker:
Circuit Partitioning for SAT-based Combinational Circuit Verification --- A Case Study
Keywords: Satisfiability, Equivalence Checking, Circuit Partitioning

Report No.205, June 2004 (PostScript)
Jussi Rintanen:
Conditional Planning in the Discrete Belief Space
Keywords: planning, partial observability, algorithms

Report No.204, May 2004 (PostScript)
Christian Köhler, Artur Ottlik, Hans-Hellmut Nagel, Bernhard Nebel:
Qualitative Reasoning Feeding Back into Quantitative Model-Based Tracking
Keywords: Cognitive Vision, Model-Based Tracking, Qualitative Reasoning

Report No.203, September 2004 (PostScript)
Jan-Georg Smaus:
Termination of Logic Programs Using Various Dynamic Selection Rules
Keywords: termination, logic programming, dynamic scheduling, selection rule

Report No.202, May 2004 (PostScript)
Thomas Eschbach, Wolfgang Günther, Bernd Becker:
Orthogonal Circuit Visualization Improved by Merging the Placement and Routing Phases
Keywords: Orthogonal Circuit Visualization

Report No.201, May 2004 (PostScript)
Tobias Nopper, Christoph Scholl:
Symbolic Model Checking for Incomplete Designs
Keywords: Model Checking, Incomplete Designs, Verification, Modellprüfung, Unvollständige Designs, Verifikation, Black Box, Black Boxes

Report No.200, April 2004 (PostScript)
Timo Nüssle, Alexander Kleiner, Michael Brenner:
Approaching Urban Disaster Reality: The ResQ Firesimulator
Keywords: --

Report No.199, April 2004 (PostScript)
Sebastian Trueg, Joerg Hoffmann, Bernhard Nebel:
Applying Automatic Planning Techniques to Airport Ground-Traffic Control --- A Feasibility Study
Keywords: Planning, Applications

Report No.198, February 2004 (PostScript)
Jussi Rintanen, Keijo Heljanko, Ilkka Niemelä:
Parallel Encodings of Classical Planning as Satisfiability
Keywords: planning, propositional logic, satisfiability testing

Report No.197, February 2004 (PostScript)
J. Hoffmann, J. Porteous, L. Sebastia:
Ordered Landmarks
Keywords: Planning, Domain Analysis

Report No.196, February 2004 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp, Alberto Lluch-Lafuente:
Abstraction Databases
Keywords: model checking, abstraction, heuristic search

Report No.195, January 2004 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp, Joerg Hoffmann:
PDDL2.2: The Language for the Classical Part of the 4th International Planning Competition
Keywords: planning, competition, PDDL