Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 215 - Abstract

K. A. Mohamed
Adaptable, Adaptive and Perceptual Concepts for UI-On-Demand-and-Within-Reach Configurations

The digital ink environment is unlike the desktop metaphor that we know and have grown used to. A digital board is more personal than a monitor, in a way that it allows us to directly touch it and see the immediate reaction through the digital pen. In classrooms where huge wall-mounted digital boards are utilised, it is impossible to have a bird's eye view of the whole environment when we are so near their proximity to impose the conventional desktop interfaces. We present an alternative solution that seeks to combine three classical UI-design concepts involving adaptable, adaptive and perceptual ideas for an on-demand-and-within-reach interface that monopolizes the single-stroke digital ink inputs. We show that by maintaining an active background tracking system on the temporal and spatial information of every input ink data, we can anticipate convincingly what users are trying to do to achieve their goals when working on the boards, and provide them with assistance within predictable contexts. Our meth-ods maintain that users must always feel in control no matter how adaptive the assistance from the system may be.

Report No. 215 (PostScript)