Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 214 - Abstract

E. Abraham, B. Becker, F. Klaedtke, M. Steffen
Optimizing Bounded Model Checking for Linear Hybrid Systems - Theory and Experimental Results

Bounded model checking (BMC) is an automatic verification method that is based on finitely unfolding the system's transition relation. BMC has been successfully applied, in particular, for discovering bugs in digital system design. Its success is based on the effectiveness of satisfiability solvers that are used to check for a finite unfolding whether a violating state is reachable. In this report we improve the BMC approach for linear hybrid systems. Our improvements are tailored to lazy satisfiability solving and follow two complementary directions. First, we optimize the formula representation of the finite unfoldings of the transition relations of linear hybrid systems, and second, we accelerate the satisfiability checks by accumulating and generalizing data that is generated during earlier satisfiability checks. Experimental results show that the presented techniques accelerate the satisfiability checks significantly.

Report No. 214 (PostScript)