Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 211 - Abstract

K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann
Restructuring Data Constructs in Overlapping Digital Ink Domains for Agent-Oriented Approaches

We examine the common hierarchical data structure of digital ink representations in two distinctive ink domainclasses. Digital boards (eBoard) can receive inputs for both archival and reactionary modes from freehand writings (or drawings) and gesture-commands, respectively, from the digital pens. The latter is modelled as a result of the former in theoretical pattern recognition, and perhaps, more for convenience. What seems to be hypothetically sound, this structural data construct appears limited when attempting to succinctly decipher ink inputs as either traces or command gestures when both domains are merged on a single platform environment. This report forestalls a possible method of improvement to integrate both the ‘sketching’ and ‘gesturing’ domains simultaneously on the eBoards. Our proposed change to the data structure tailors for agentoriented approaches and allows for parallel evaluation with very little overheads. It also provides a basis to address the problems of ambiguity when attempting to distinguish the exact domain from an input ink data.

Report No. 211 (PostScript)