Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 209 - Abstract

K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann
Ingrid, Geraldine and Amidala { Competent Agents for Pen Gestures Interactivity

There are several factors that make delivering lessons on digital boards uptight. Among them, focus on the subject is lost to the time taken for tutors to acquaint with the technology infrastructure, and that students' concentration on the tutor's chain of thoughts are interrupted by watching them running up and down the length of the classroom hunting for the mouse (or keyboard) to perform commands to the UI. Based on intelligent agent interfaces, this paper presents an innovative way to ease the above drawbacks and assist tutors by proactively anticipating their commands, through ubiquitously analysing their ink-traces. The conceptual breakdown of ideas and our basic design principles of the generic interactivity framework are highlighted in detail with two application examples. We also show that it is advantageous to utilise goal-oriented agents in domains similar to eLearning, where handling digital ink is an important aspect.

Report No. 209 (PostScript)