Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 207 - Abstract

K. A. Mohamed, Th. Ottmann
Recognising sketch objects as gestures via autonomous agents

Without drawing too much attention to the advent of technology, interaction between users and synthetic hardware systems -- through appropriate software interfaces -- have provided opportunities to utilise an important sensing modality, through the use of a digital pen (stylus). Recognising and reacting to the input sketches and gestures from the stylus assist in expediting responses needed to improve the user-interface (UI) supports for more natural communications. This presentation focuses on the techniques and methodologies used in ciphering information obtained from the digital ink compositions that gave way to the conception of more elaborate and complex programs and toolkits. We will also concentrate on the classification of sketch-objects for identification purposes while maintaining its native attributes, as well as approaches for interpreting as valid gestures by engaging smart, autonomous agents.

Report No. 207 (PostScript)