Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 196 - Abstract

Stefan Edelkamp, Alberto Lluch-Lafuente
Abstraction Databases

Abstraction is one of the most important issues to cope with large and infinite state spaces in model checking and to reduce the verification efforts. The abstract system is often smaller than the original one and if the abstract system satisfies a correctness specification, so does the concrete one. However, abstractions may introduce a behavior violating the specification that is not present in the original system. This paper bypasses this problem by proposing the combination of abstraction with heuristic search to improve error detection. The abstract system is explored in order to create a database that stores the exact distances from abstract states to the set of abstract error states. To check, whether or not the abstract behavior is present in the original system, efficient exploration algorithms exploit the database as a guidance.

Report No. 196 (PostScript)