Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 2001

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 2001. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.165, November 2001 (PostScript)
Joerg Hoffmann:
Local Search Topology in Planning Benchmarks: A Theoretical Analysis
Keywords: heuristic search planning, domain analysis, domain independent planning

Report No.164, December 2001 (PostScript)
R. Drechsler, W. G\ünther, T. Eschbach, L. Linhard, G. Angst:
Recursive Bi-Partitioning of Netlists for Large Number of Partitions
Keywords: k-way, Partitioning, Bi-Partitioning

Report No.162, October 2001 (PostScript)
Alberto Lluch-Lafuente, Leue Edelkamp, Stefan Leue:
Partial Order Reduction in Directed Model Checking
Keywords: Model Checking, Directed Search, Partial Order Reduction

Report No.161, October 2001 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp, Stefan Leue, Alberto Lluch-Lafuente:
Directed Explicit-State Model Checking in the Validation of Communication Protocols
Keywords: Model Checking, Directed Search, Protocol Validation

Report No.160, September 2001 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp:
First Solutions to PDDL+ Planning Problems
Keywords: Planning with Time and Resources, Heuristic Search, Pattern Databases, Model Checking

Report No.159, August 2001
Heiko Mantel, Axel Schairer, Matthias Kabatnik, Michael Kreutzer, Alf Zugenmaier:
Using Information Flow Control to Evaluate Access Protection of Location Information in Mobile Communication Networks
Keywords: Security, Access Control, Information Flow Control, Mobile Devices, Pervasive Computing

Report No.158, August 2001 (PostScript)
Christoph: Wolff L\üth:
sml_tk: Functional Programming for GUIs --- Reference Manual
Keywords: Functional Programming, SML, Graphical User Interfaces, Tcl/Tk

Report No.157, November 2001 (PostScript)
Achim D. Brucker, Burkhart Wolff:
Checking OCL Constraints in Distributed Systems Using J2EE/EJB
Keywords: OCL, Constraint checking, EJB, J2EE, Design by Contract, Design Pattern, Distributed Systems

Report No.156, July 2001 (PostScript)
Stephan Trahasch:
Funktionen einer Uebungskomponente fuer netzgestuetzte Kurse
Keywords: Lehr-/Lernplattform, Uebungsbetrieb, Virtuelle Hochschule

Report No.155, July 2001 (PostScript)
Michael Brenner:
A Formal Model of Planning for Concurrency
Keywords: multi-agent planning, temporal planning, complex domain models, concurrency

Report No.154, June 2001 (PostScript)
David Basin, Frank Rittinger, Luca Viganò:
A Formal Analysis of the CORBA Security Service
Keywords: CORBA Security,Formal Methods,Specification,Z

Report No.153, May 2001 (PostScript)
Joerg Hoffmann, Bernhard Nebel:
RIFO Revisited: Detecting Relaxed Irrelevance
Keywords: planning

Report No.151, April 2001 (PostScript)
Kristian Kersting, Luc De Raedt:
Bayesian Logic Programs
Keywords: Uncertainty, first-order probabilistic representations, knowledge-based model construction, Bayesian networks, definite clause logic, pure Prolog, temporal models

Report No.150, April 2001 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp:
Prediction of Regular Search Tree Growth by Spectral Analysis
Keywords: Heuristic Search, Computational Complexity

Report No.149, February 2001 (PostScript)
WOlfgang May:
XPath-Logic and XPathLog: A Logic-Based Approach for Declarative XML Data Manipulation
Keywords: Semistructured Data, XML, Database Language

Report No.148, February 2001 (PostScript)
Cristiano Calcagno, Simon Helsen, Peter Thiemann:
Syntactic Type Soundness Results for the Region Calculus
Keywords: Operational Semantics, Regions

Report No.147, January 2001 (PostScript)
Pedro Jose Marron, Georg Lausen:
HLCaches: An LDAP-based Distributed Cache Technology for XML
Keywords: Semistructured Databases, XML, XPath, LDAP, Query Processing, Distributed Caching

Report No.146, January 2001 (PostScript)
Georg Struth:
Church-Rosser Proofs in Kleene Algebra and Allegories
Keywords: Kleene algebra, Allegory, Rewriting, Church-Rosser theorem, Newman's lemma, Formal Methods