Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 1999

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 1999. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report´s abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.131, December 1999 (PostScript)
Wolfgang May:
Information Extraction and Integration with FLORID: The MONDIAL Case Study
Keywords: Information Extraction, Information Integration, WWW, HTML, Wrapping, Mediating, F-Logic

Report No.130, October 1999 (PostScript)
C. Scholl, B. Becker, A. Brogle:
Solving the Multiple Variable Order Problem for Binary Decision Diagrams by Use of Dynamic Reordering Techniques
Keywords: Multiple Variable Order Problem, BDD, reordering

Report No.129, September 1999 (PostScript)
Stefan Edelkamp:
Dictionary Automaton in Optimal Space
Keywords: String Dictionary, Substring Matching, Multi Suffix Tree,

Report No.128, August 1999 (PostScript)
Jana Koehler:
Handling of Conditional Effects and Negative Goals in IPP
Keywords: artificial intelligence planning

Report No.127, August 1999 (PostScript)
Jana Koehler:
Metric Planning using Planning Graphs - A First Investigation
Keywords: artificial intelligence planning

Report No.126, August 1999 (PostScript)
Jana Koehler:
RIFO within IPP
Keywords: artificial intelligence planning

Report No.125, August 1999 (PostScript)
C. Matuszewski, F. Schmiedle, R. Schönfeld:
Channel Routing with Genetic Algorithms
Keywords: VLSI, routing, heuristic learning, channel, genetic algorithms

Report No.124, July 1999 (PostScript)
T. Ottmann, R. Mueller, G. Seitz, C. Steinert:
Video in Vorlesungsaufzeichnungen mit informatikfernen Inhalten am Beispiel Archaeologie
Keywords: Presentation Recording, Note Taking, Video Synchronization, Random Access, Video Annotation, Villa Urbana, Roman Excavation, 3-D Rendering

Report No.123, July 1999 (PostScript)
Ralf Herz, Hannes Hartenstein:
Signalverarbeitungs-Praktikum: DSP-PC Kommunikation mit dem Texas Instruments TMS320C6x EVM
Keywords: Digital Signal Processor, Sprachkodierung

Report No.122, May 1999 (PostScript)
Jana Koehler, Joerg Hoffmann:
Handling of Inertia in a Planning System
Keywords: AI planning

Report No.121, April 1999 (PostScript)
S. Schroedl, S. Edelkamp:
Inferring Flow of Control in Program Synthesis by Example
Keywords: knowledge acquisition, machine learning, user interfaces

Report No.120, April 1999 (PostScript)
S. Edelkamp, F. Reffel:
Deterministic State Space Planning with BDDs
Keywords: Planning, State Space Search, BDDs

Report No.119, February 1999 (PostScript)
Marcel Wagner, Ralf Herz, Hannes Hartenstein, Raouf Hamzaoui, Dietmar Saupe:
A Video Codec Based on R/D-Optimized Adaptive Vector Quantization
Keywords: --

Report No.118, March 1999 (PostScript)
B. Nebel:
What is the Expressive Power of Disjunctive Preconditions?
Keywords: planning, expressiveness, computational complexity

Report No.114, January 1999 (PostScript)
Wolfgang May, Paul-Thomas Kandzia:
Nonmonotonic Inheritance in Object-Oriented Deductive Database Languages
Keywords: Nonmonotonic reasoning, Inheritance, Default Logic, Deductive object-oriented databases, F-Logic