Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 1997

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 1997. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report's abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.96, November 1997 (PostScript)
J. Renz:
A Canonical Model of the Region Connection Calculus

Report No.95, November 1997 (PostScript)
Harry Hengster, Bernd Becker:
Synthesis of Fully Testable High Speed Circuits Derived from Decision Diagrams

Report No.92, July 1997 (PostScript)
D. Saupe, R. Hamzaoui, H. Hartenstein:
Fractal Image Compression - An Introductory Overview

Report No.91, July 1997 (PostScript)
Chr. Bacher, R. Müller, Th. Ottmann, M. Will:
Open Hypermedia Educational Environments: A Feasible Approach to Overcome Some Difficulties

Report No.90, June 1997 (PostScript)
Sabine Hanke:
Chromatic Search Trees Revisited

Report No.89, April 1997 (PostScript)
Bernhard Nebel, Yannis Dimopoulos, Jana Koehler:
Irrelevant Facts and Operators in Plan Generation

Report No.88, August 1997 (PostScript)
J. Koehler, B. Nebel, J. Hoffmann, Y. Dimopoulos:
Extending Planning Graphs to an ADL Subset

Report No.87, May 1997 (PostScript)
Jochen Renz, Bernhard Nebel:
On the Complexity of Qualitative Spatial Reasoning: A Maximal Tractable Fragment of the Region Connection Calculus

Report No.86, March 1997 (PostScript)
R. Hamzaoui:
Fast Decoding Algorithms for Fractal Image Compression

Report No.85, April 1997 (PostScript)
Schlepphorst C.:
Semi-naive Evaluation of F-logic Programs