Institut für Informatik

Technical Reports from 1995

Here follows a list of all Technical Reports from 1995. By following the respective links, you can have a look at a report's abstract or the postscript version. Generally, the abstracts are written in English, since most of the reports are in this language.

Report No.72, November 1995 (PostScript)
Thomas Ottmann, Christian Bacher:
Authoring on the Fly

Report No.71, November 1995 (PostScript)
Thomas Ottmann, Eljas Soisalon-Soininen:
Relaxed Balancing Made Simple

Report No.70, September 1995 (PostScript)
Bertram Ludäscher, Ulrich Hamann, Georg Lausen:
Reconciling Active and Deductive Databases by States

Report No.69, August 1995 (PostScript)
Wenhui Guo:
A Two-View Approach to Creating Computer Animation

Report No.68, April 1995 (PostScript)
Alois P. Heinz, Christoph Hense:
Tools for Neural Trees

Report No.67, January 1995 (PostScript)
Dietmar Saupe:
Accelerating Fractal Image Compression by Multi-Dimensional Nearest Neighbor Search

Report No.66, January 1995 (PostScript)
Stefan Schroedl:
An Extension of Explanation-Based Generalization to Negation as Failure