Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 29, May 1991 - Abstract

Esko Ukkonen:
Approximate String Matching with q-grams and Maximal Matches

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We study approximate string matching in connection with two string distance functions that are computable in linear time. The first function is based on the so-called q-grams. An algorithm is given for the associated string matching problem that finds the locally best approximate occurences of pattern P, |P|=m, in text T, |T|=n, in time O(n*log (m-q)). The occurences with distance <= k can be found in time O(n*log k). The other distance function is based on finding maximal common substrings and allows a form of approximate string matching in time O(n). Both distances give a lower bound for the edit distance (in the unit cost model), which leads to fast hybrid algorithms for the edit distance based string matching.