Institut für Informatik

Technical Report No. 10, February 1988 - Abstract

Filia Makedon, Hermann Maurer, Thomas Ottmann:
Computer Learning: A Step Beyond the Book

This report is not available in electronic form!

We report about a major project to develop and use modern presentationtype CAI-courseware for teaching computer science topics at college and university level. Though completely independent of HECTOR our project has a number of points in common with HECTOR. The aim is to develop tools for authoring, distribution and maintenance of courseware, to establish a databse consisting of hundreds of lessons authored by computer science expertes, and to establish CAI-labs where students can work through the lessons stored in the database. So far, hundreds of students have already been sucessfully instructed by a mixture of traditional classroom teaching and courseware developed in this project. Our experience shows that the new kind of presentation type courseware can help to improve science instruction considerably. This is a small but important step on the long way to customized teaching and exploring computer science knowledge by intelligent use of the computer itself.